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4.25" Swimbait/Paddle tail

This 4.25” Swimbait with its Unique Cupped tail was Designed To be the BEST All Around Bait On the Market. Different than any other Swimbait that usually only the “Tail” swims, The unique Body And Tail design when Swimming, will Also have a Great “Wobble” as retrieved. This lure was designed to be fished in every type of environment possible, ripping it in on the surface or slowly suspending it through water columns also has great action,as the lure descends the Tail action allows the Bait to look lively allowing more strikes while the lure is Descending. This New Revolutionary Design is a must in any fisherman's Tackle Box.

**All of our Custom Baits are hand-injected and made to order.  We do not carry an Inventory so please understand our turnaround time is usually 7-12 days depending. We appreciate your business and support as we go through some growing pains.**